This Template should only be used for statistics made after Summer Update 2010 (8.6).

Loot analyzer/sorter/uploader for this format is available on Loot Statistics page.


|name=Draken Warmaster
|Empty, times:2
|Gold Coins, times:99, amount:1-149, total:7067
|Platinum Coin, times:51, amount:1-2, total:78
|Meat, times:25
|Zaoan Halberd, times:11, amount:1, total:11
|Warmaster's Wristguards, times:7
|Bone Shoulderplate, times:6, amount:1, total:6
|Great Health Potion, times:4, amount:1, total:4
|Zaoan Armor, times:1, amount:1, total:1

version, kills and name parameters are required.

  • Countable items are only those that have 'a', 'an' or a number before their name on the Server Log.
  • Countable items require all the 4 parameters.
  • Non countable items and Empty only can have the 2 first parameters.
  • None of the parameters should have 0 as a value, so for now manually add items that are not on any log, should NOT be done.
  • The parameter separator used is a comma(,).
  1. The first parameter is the name of the item in plain text and singular.
    • When a monster gives nothing it should be counted as Empty in plain text.
  2. The second parameter is the code times: followed by the number of single creatures killed that dropped the specific item.
  3. The third parameter is the code amount: followed by the minimum and maximum amount of the item dropped by a single creature.
    • A hyphen(-) is used to separate the minimum and maximum values.
    • If minimum and maximum values are the same then only 1 is written, with no hyphen.
  4. The fourth parameter is the code total: followed by the total amount got for this item.
  • It is preferable items are sorted by times parameter(from high to low) and if present, Empty should come at the beginning.
File:Loot2.gifLoot2, 0 kills.

Item Times Total amount Percentage Kills to get 1 Average

See also: Loot, Loot Statistics (Tibia ML).

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