This item is in the Weapons class, Distance Weapons/Bows sub-class

8.0 (June 26, 2007)

Elvish Bow

This beautifully ornamented bow was made by a skilled elvish bowmaker.

Attributes: Range:6, Hit% +5

Hands: Two-Handed

Weight: 39.00 oz.

Loot value: 3,500 - 6,500 gp.

Dropped by:
Elf Scout, Firestarter.

Buy from: None.

Sell to: Rashid 2,000 gp

Notes: Obtainable since Update 8.2. An excellent bow favored by any player wishing to use Arrows. It is superior to a regular Bow and is useful until a player advances far enough to wield a Composite Hornbow. Players joining the Paladin vocation will see an Elvish Bow in the attached cellar of the Island of Destiny.

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